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R2G Nine Pin Islands Exploring Tour


*Islands distribution and information of Sai Kung inner sea
*West Dam : The story of High Island Reservoir
*Visit Leung Shuen Wan Tin Hau Temple and Hakka village
*Sea Arches of Ung Kong Group Geo-area, top four sea aches in Hong Kong
*Ninepin Groups: extensive geological landscapes such as rock cliffs, sea stacks, sea caves and sea platforms

Remark : If there is insufficient participants, we will contact the guests 3 days before departure, and arrange refund.

*The tour will not wait for latecomers and paid fees will not be refunded to latecomers or no-shows.
*Paid fees will not be refunded if participants cannot make the trip for personal reasons or request cancellation. No tour change and participant's name change, or rescheduling will be accepted.
*Please be reminded that no pets are allowed to join ALL guided tours unless it is specially arranged for bringing your pets.
*Participants must provide real-name registration for event insurance needs, otherwise the registration will be canceled and the payment will not be refunded.

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14/7/2019 9:00am


Adult: $438.00
Under 12 year olds: $400.00